Our Personalized Care & Programming Brings YourStory to Life!

At YourLife Senior Living, your story continues! Everything you like to do. The way you like to live. The foods you love. Your choices shape your everyday experiences.

Our signature program, YourStory, creates an individual experience centered around you, providing services, amenities, activities, dining and more that are all designed for you, but more importantly, defined by you.

 It’s All About You

  • Do you like to sleep until 9 a.m., then have coffee and read the paper? Fine.
  • Are you an early-riser who greets the day with a walk outside? Great!
  • Do you prefer an early lunch? A later dinner?
  • Are Sundays spent with family?
  • Are you an avid cook? Do you love to fish? Do you have a green thumb?

Whatever your choices … whatever your preferences … whatever you desire … it’s all possible. We don’t insist that you fit into a rigid schedule or have limited choices in how you spend your time. At YourLife™, you’re welcome to live your life! Just as you choose.

Personal Programming

YourStory programming is individually developed to include favorite hobbies and activities, as well as create opportunities to learn and love new endeavors.

Old Favorites

Do you love to garden? Bake? Paint? Read? Golf? Play bridge? If there’s not already a program in place, we will create one for you.

New Discoveries

New opportunities await every day. Want to learn to draw? Speak a new language? Master wood crafting? Begin an exercise routine? Now’s the time to learn, thrive and grow. 

So Much to Do!

Daily YourStory activity programming includes:

  • Cultural, educational and health/wellness programs
  • Scheduled outings and other special events
  • Music therapy
Art therapy

  • Pet therapy
  • Exercise and fitness programs

At YourLife™, your days can be as busy, engaging and fun as you want them to be. The choice is yours.

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